Cowgar Family Adventures

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day

For Father's Day we did little wooden craft projects for the boys in our life. We bought some pre-made choo choo and airplane wooden wall hangy things and had the girls paint them. We did airplanes for Papa Cowgar, Uncle Chuck, and Uncle Jeremy, and choo choo trains for Grandpa Perkins and Great-Grandpa Caldwell. We did a picture frame for Papaw in West Virginia (sorry, I haven't gotten an envelope to mail it yet!)

Luke's present was a spare battery and a 5 pack of 2G cards for his camera that we purchased before the Indy airshow.

We started the day at Grandpa Perkins' house with some Dairy Queen. We hung out on the porch for awhile and then went up to Mama and Papa Cowgar's to wait for Papa Cowgar and Jeremy to get home. Papa Cowgar has his private pilot's license and took is IFR rating. They took a lot longer than expected, so we ordered pizza, and when they got here we celebrated his test passing with some angel food cake and some chocolate covered cherries.

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  1. It's funny, I figured there was no way you meant Instrument Flight Rules, but apparently you did. Ha ha. Love!