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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Bad Day So Far...

Do you every feel like your world is falling apart around you? Today is one of those days for me…

I knew Luke would get sucked into working on Josh’s truck, and he’s been out there half the day with Chris getting the old transmission out, and getting the new one in. I wouldn't mind it so much if I knew in advance, and had prepared myself for being inside with the girls all day by myself, but when I have other plans that get interrupted, I get angry. There are plenty of things around this house that should be a lot more important than that transmission. I don't care if that truck has to sit here for a year until we would get our things done first.

We got our photo shoot done with Lexi for the front of her birthday invitations. Now I just need to get them ordered, and the collage we put together looks OK to me, but I don’t think Luke likes the way it looks on the invitation, so he will probably sit here for hours tonight tweaking it, and all I want are invitations ordered.

After getting most of the e-Bay items shipped off on Friday, the dining room still looks like a disaster. There’s photography equipment and books everywhere.

We charged wet bags and cloth diapers that I wanted on a credit card, and because I felt so bad charging something I wanted, I let Luke charge his lens. Unlike his lens, the stuff I charged is for the house, and will help save us money in the long run…and it’s 4 times less expensive than his lens. We have more things to e-Bay, including 2 lenses he won’t need since he has ordered this one, so he will get his portion paid off pretty quick. Chelsea is doing hospital training this month, so she is getting lots of hours, so February should be a good babysitting month for me. I’m not worried about paying for the balance, it’s just buyer’s remorse, and being a little upset that everything I tend to want is for the girls or the house, and everything Luke wants is for him. I know he is trying to start up a business and all, but if you don’t even advertise that you want portfolio-building clients that you will charge a next to nothing fee for pictures, you’re never going to have an established business.

The kitchen always upsets me. The wiring is dead in the kitchen, except for new wires running in there for the dishwasher, fridge, and freezer. We also have an outlet strip that we can plug small things into above the freezer, so the microwave works, and anything else I can plug in. Problem is at night, when you can’t see anything. The pantry area still has a ceiling light that works, but it doesn’t put out much light, so we have a trouble light that hangs above the stove, so we can turn it on for light, and the stove is plugged into it. The cord for the light runs across the floor in front of the cabinets and plugs into the bathroom outlet. That wire always hangs up my kitchen drawers when I push them in and it drives me crazy. Every time I put silverware away, there it is!

I must just be in a mood, because all kinds of little things just aggravate me today. Lilly won’t stop climbing on things, Lexi won’t help pick up toys, there are Cheerios all over the living room floor, and I’m ready to walk out the door. Sometimes the stay-at-home mom life isn’t very appealing to me anymore…

I think I'll go pound on the pantry wall. It's going to come down sometime anyways...

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  1. Deep breaths. I know you feel close to the end of your tether, but equilibrium is coming. It has to be.