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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dude! It's Not My Truck!

Do you see the white truck? It’s not mine, or Luke’s, or Chris’. It’s Josh’s, as in Josh “The Samurai” Knode that rented part of the upstairs with Chris for a little over 3 years before moving out a year ago. Apparently the transmission if going out, and the mechanic he talked with wants at least $600 in labor to fix the thing. Seeing as we have every tool to open our own garage, Chris volunteered to help him out and swap it. It’s been sitting in the driveway for at least a week now, and Chris just got to start on it. It’s warmer than it has been outside, but it’s soaking wet, and getting ready to turn cold again in another day or two. I haven’t even seen the replacement tranny yet, so who knows when this project will be done. Luke doesn’t have the time to help out. He is busy with work and photo shoots, and we still need to start on the bathroom! I guess I needed another lawn ornament in my backyard…

At least, as I type this, Chris is working on it, so with any luck, it won't be here much longer!

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