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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Thoughts on Winter...and Upcoming Spring

It's nice and bright outside, with no snow on the ground, but it's only 38 degrees, and muddy. The groundhog Phil is teasing us with nice looking weather and cold temperatures right now. It occurs to me, how unactive we are as a family when winter hits. There is nothing to do in Ohio, with 2 small kids that wouldn't enjoy it anyways. We've taken them out in the snow, and they look like that kid on "A Christmas Story". They can't move, and Alexis just complains that she is cold. Lets face it...right now winter in Ohio stinks!

I have plenty of plans once Spring hits. We have a garden to work on, and keeping the backyard nice. Right now the neighbors dog comes over and marks his territory all over the backyard, but once the weather is nice enough to play outside everyday, I'm gonna have to put a stop to that. We have the land we can start clearing out, that way we can camp on it this summer. There are also plenty of around the house projects that will be easier to accomplish once it's warmer. I'd love to hit The Wilderness Center and the Metroparks to do some hiking with the girls. Lilly has so much energy, we need to channel it into something productive. We also want to get out and get tons of nature shots for Luke to put on the photo blog and put up for sale.

I'd also like to do a little storm chasing this year. Luke loves bad weather, and we enjoy being in the moment of things. A couple years back we had a tree blow over on our land, and a few branches come down here around the house. I believe the second year we were here, we had a tree fall on one of the cars we had parked out back. It needed a new transmission, but after the tree bent up the side of the car and broke some glass, we decided to scrap it. Last summer, we drove through some dime size hail while heading towards the land. It actually knicked up the paint on our brand new to us car we had bought in May, so for the first time in either one of our lives, we filed an insurance claim, and got the car repainted. I think it would be cool to do those tornado chasing tours in the midwest. Maybe when the kids get older.

I plan to have a few yardsales, as you've seen, my foyer is stacked from top to bottom with boxes of stuff, and I add to it almost daily. After a few yardsales, I figure I'll post an ad on my local freecycle to come pick up what's left, so I don't have to deal with it. I'll have plenty more things to go through at my dad's house. My mom and dad divorced about 6 1/2 years ago, right after Luke and I got together. Then 4 years ago, we bought this house and I moved out. Mom and I still have things in the attic, and the basement, and the shed. Dad wants to take a weekend and pull everything out and go through it. My brother also has totes of old toys, that mom and I packed up ages ago. Most of them were probably broken anyways. That will be quite the project, and I fear I will come home with totes and totes of stuff, but hopefully most of it will just go in the yardsale pile.

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