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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Countdown To Lexi's Party!

We have less than 3 weeks until Lexi’s party on March 8th. This will be the first year that we actually have the party at our house. In the past years, we have done a party at my dad’s for my side of the family, and a party at Luke’s parents’ house for his side. Our families are so different; I fear some cosmic intervention from the heavens above would create a black hole and kill us all if they ever come together. Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, the only time they have ever been in each other’s presence was our wedding, and some immediate family during the girls’ births. It just seemed easier to separate the two, but I don’t want the girls to get used to have multiple birthday parties, and with my dad’s side, it gets weird to have mom’s side of the family there in his house, or for mom to bring her boyfriend and things like that. So this year, I’m letting everyone tear up my house for the day!

But…. we still have so much to do around here. We haven’t even touched the bathroom yet, and I want to have the shower tile installed, and the trim cut and nailed up at least, if not painted as well. The dining room needs to be organized better, to accommodate a bunch of people in a small space. The kitchen ceiling is still peeling some paint from our washer leak, so we need to scrape as much of the ceiling as we need to, so it doesn’t start falling on people. I also wouldn’t mind if we knocked part of the pantry wall down completely. It would make it easier to get to the fridge, and free up a bit of space in there. (I really hate that kitchen) We need to steam-vac the living room, and just keep up on normal house maintenance so we don’t get too rushed last minute.

I will be opening up the sunroom, so the toys will migrate in there for the day, leaving a lot of room in the living room for guests. We have lots of folding camping chairs, so hopefully we have decent seating. I’m just trying to figure out what I want to do about plates now.

The party is at 2PM, so we are thinking of having a meat and cheese tray for sandwiches, and a veggie tray. We may have a few bags of chips or something, and then the traditional cake and ice cream. I’ll borrow Chris’ coffee pot (he owes me one anyways), because there will be coffee-a-holics. I don’t really like punch. It’s just sugar and dyes, so maybe I’ll get some V8 juice (I’ve found one that doesn’t have dyes, and it at least has that serving of fruit and veggies), and then offer water, and as always Dr. Pepper. Without it my husband would not be alive.

The only problem I see is parking. If someone that got here early wants to leave, everyone will have to go out and move cars…but I’ll let them worry about that, because I don’t plan on leaving (is that mean?)

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