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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Tourmaline is Here!!!!

I received my cut Tourmaline in the mail!!!! It is gorgeous. Using Chris’ grain scale (for weighing bullet powder), we think it may be about 2 carats. It seems gemstone appraisal is expensive, with local jewelers wanting anywhere from $50-$100 to appraise it. The lowest appraiser won’t even do it unless it’s mounted in something. I think it would make a beautiful ring, so I plan to get it mounted, just not right now. I figure I will try to hit one of the rock and mineral shows that will come around the Cleveland area in the next month or two, and see if I can get any “less expensive” information from the dealers there. I also plan on taking my rough material, so I can maybe find someone local to cut some more for me. I went through my picture of all of the loose rough, and came to the conclusion that this is the gemstone that was cut. Here is a before and after.

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