Cowgar Family Adventures

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Chris

Single-White-Male seeking Single-Female for companionship! Sound like a dating advertisement yet? This is Chris (he will be 29 in July). He is our upstairs neighbour, and one of Luke’s best friends. We bought this house because it was a duplex, and we knew he was looking to move out (along with another buddy Josh), so here we are 4 years later.

He loves anime, guns (he reloads his own ammo), bad b-movies, kung fu, fishing, NASCAR, cooking, and computer gaming. *Note* He doesn't like cats! He works part-time in retail, and we keep trying to convince him to find a better suited job for himself. He drives a white Pontiac Fiero, and is good with tools when he needs to fix it. He also likes children, and comes down often to play with ours (he even baby-sits on occasion). He needs someone, that way we can rent our entire house to him and a girlfriend, so we can move on with our dreams (because we will never sell this house for what the mortgage is in this market, so we are stuck with it for a long while otherwise). The house is a great location for The College of Wooster and the OARDC, plus all of the shopping Wooster has to offer.

He’s a really great guy, just doesn’t social much with the outside world. When we became hermits after having kids, he did too. So, if you know anyone, please leave a comment and let us know. Here is a couple pictures of him with two of his loves. Don’t these look like gun magazine covers?


  1. If you were willing to send him here...

  2. Depends on where "here" is a suppose, but I would sure try:) Or I can move you