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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Chocolate Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! In this household, it is the day for chocolate. The girls each had a Little Debbie chocolate cake filled with marshmallow for breakfast with their milk and Cheerios. We have someone interested in my Fiero at my dad's house. So we will probably head down that way this afternoon, but not before we go shopping for candy. We were completely lazy and didn't buy anything, so we will be out today in all the Saturday shopping madness buying up some chocolate.

The girls received cards from their Nana and Papaw in West Virginia the other day, and Aunt Angie called for our address, because she was sending cards too. So they had cards from Aunt Angie in the mail, and from Grandma Perkins. I think we received more Valentine's Day cards than Christmas cards!

At the end of the day....
Valentine’s Day was a chocolate overload. We stopped at Drug Mart, and I ran in to buy little hearts for the girls, and bought a big heart-shaped Whitman’s Sampler for myself and Luke to share, and I found these awesome original Star-Trek series Pez dispensers, so I picked one up for my dad (he’s a big time Trekkie).

We drove down to Funk Bottoms to check out the flooding, since we just had a foot or so of snow melt, and then rain on top of that. It was cold enough that it had started snowing again, and by the time we made it down there, the water had a thin layer of snow on it, so it didn’t reflect at all. Not so great for pictures.

We drove up to Luke’s parents to pick up a letter he received in the mail. After living at this house for 4 years, voting from here, getting married under this address, the county must still think he lives in Doylestown, because he got a summons for jury duty. Yippee! *note sarcasm* It’s not until March, and it’s almost always canceled.

We got to dad’s house and hung out for a bit, and had some Dairy Queen for lunch. After 4-5 hours or so, and talking to the guy that was supposed to come and look at the Fiero, we called again to see if he was coming, and his van still wasn’t back together…well, a courtesy call would have been nice. He said he’d call that evening to set up a time for Sunday…well that didn’t happen either. I despise dealing with Craigslist, it just seems like hardly anyone is serious when they e-mail.

So we left dad’s house, the girls napped in the car, we came home, watched a little TV, bathed the girls and put them to bed, and then we vegged out on nothing for a couple hours before we went to bed too. Exciting times…

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