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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dangerous Spring Fever

We had very unusual high temperatures outside yesterday for being February in Ohio. Highest temperature we recorded on our thermometer was 66 degrees! We actually opened the dining room windows (the only ones without plastic on them) and enjoyed some fresh, stinky, city air. We ditched plans for the day, and after Luke was off work, we packed up for a drive. By that time, it had started raining, so it was pretty dark outside. We did our usual stop at Starbuck's, and then did our usual driving route out to the land (about 20 minutes from town). The girls had fallen asleep by then, so we kept heading West to Ashland county. We turned down a dark side road off of Old Old 30 (They've built a new section of 30 for the current 30, so this 30 is the orginal Lincoln By-Way). We ended up outside of Mohicanville, and into some really heavy rain and wind. You could see the wind blowing the rain in bands across the road. We seen a bright flash in the distance, and assumed we had seen lightning. We were wrong. The wind really picked up. Trash and stick debris flew all across the road (why is it always on the road, and not in the field?). We turned down another road, only to find a kid's plastic playhouse in the ditch beside the road. It must have blown across the field. A little further up the road we were met with a flashlight. The flash we had seen earlier was a telephone pole that had blown over across the road! Talk about some wind eh?

Obviously we made it home safely, and now it's like 37 degrees and cold out. It is supposed to be a snowy/mix over the weekend, so Spring will have to wait a bit longer. (Dumb groundhog!)

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  1. I live in OH too and the temperature was so, so amazing but the storms did get very crazy.