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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today Got Better...

I went outside and got "Man Hammer", who is a small sledge that the guys had been using on the car. I came in, pounded at the pantry wall a dozen times or so, swept up the mess, and I felt better.

Luke finished up helping with the transmission about 5pm. It's still not finished, but it was to the point that Chris could take over himself. He came back inside and quickly rearranged Lexi's invitation photos in the collage, and we got those ordered. The pictures are up on the photography blog now.

We moved a bookshelf from the dining room into the sunroom. It is still too cold to keep the sunroom open all the time, but we moved some toys in there to make a little more space in the living room. At least if feels like I have accomplished something for the day.

After we put the girls to bed, we asked Chris to keep an ear out for them, and we went out to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. It's the first time since Alexis was born that I've been grocery shopping without a kid. It was actually quite nice, but I worried in the back of my head the entire time.

Tomorrow I babysit during the day, so I may straighten the living room and dining room a little bit. I already made plans for Luke tomorrow evening. Since we went grocery shopping, it's time to prepare some meals. We have 7 pounds of ground beef thawing right now to make 5 meatloaves tomorrow, so we can freeze them. (We bought a cow and a pig last fall, so we have lots of meat) I also have some other dishes we can prepare and freeze, so we will keep busy tomorrow evening.

It's past my bedtime now, so I will close for now...

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