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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lenses, Cameras, and More...

Luke got in his prized possession last Wednesday. A Minolta 100-400mm APO lens. I guess it’s one of the ultimate best lenses in history kind of deal. I’m just glad it makes him happy. Here’s a picture of it on his camera along with his 1.4x teleconverter. It’s quite the mammoth!

We’ve been trying to go out and get some shots with it, but since it’s so big, you do need a lot of light to get a nice sharp picture, and this Ohio weather isn’t the greatest right now for that. We took it out the other day down to Funk Bottoms, but it was after work, so the sun was already getting really low. We did come across some Canadian Geese in the water down there, and the sunset was really pretty. We also found some ducks hanging out at the skating rink. Here’s a few shots.

Sunday we made the drive to Mentor to buy another 5D and the 70-210mm “Beercan” lens. It also came with the kit lens, which was a bonus for us, because we didn’t know it was included. The girls had some pastries at the Panera Bread we met at, and Aunt Angie got to see first hand how much energy and curiosity Lillian has. We are pretty sure that she would walk away with a complete stranger because she is just that trusting. The weather was absolutely pooey on the way up. It was snowy and windy most of the drive. Here’s a view of the weather we drove in, and our end result.

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