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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Top of Things...For Now

Yesterday was a decent day. I babysat, got a little organizing done in the dining room and found out a few things we ordered are on their way to the house already. We spent the evening chopping vegetables, and putting together 5 meatloaves, although we made one that evening for dinner, leaving 4 to be frozen. I’ll have Luke help me later, and I’ll post a picture with the recipe. After we put the girls to bed, we straightened our room a tiny bit, and then just sat in front of the TV and watched Star Trek for a couple hours on Sci-Fi.

Today started off great. It’s Luke’s day to work at his brother’s house, so he needed to be up early. I naturally woke up at 8:12AM! Since he needed to get up and get packed, I just got up with him. I helped him pack really quickly, because he had boxes he needed to take to the post office with e-Bay items. He listed one of his lenses as a “buy it now” last night (like midnight), and it already sold, so he had to pack that as well. I had kids fed, a packed husband out the door, Kendra (the little girl I baby-sit) settled in, laundry in, the dishwasher running, and chicken in the oven, all by 9:30AM. I must not be feeling well!

So I think the plan for today is to just keep on top of things. Luke will be home late, because he has to stop by my dad’s house. The guy that was supposed to look at my Fiero on Saturday is going to stop over about 5:30, so Luke will be there for a bit before he heads home. Our evening will be spent picking chicken off the bone to use in some chicken and veggie pockets I want to make. I’ve got 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters my grandma gave me that I plan on baking all day until I know they are done. I guess we are having chicken for dinner tonight.

Best of all, Chris is off today, so Josh's truck should be finished and out of here, unless something goes terribly wrong.

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