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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Craft Gene

I got my bead order in, and made my mom’s necklace and my brother’s necklace for their birthdays. I have a few more pendants I bought, and some Swarovski crystals in Lexi and Lilly’s birthstones, so I have a few more necklaces I can make. I think my next purchase will be some more candle making supplies, or my going green bathroom supplies. My candle order will be kind of big, so I want to make sure I order everything I need at once. My bathroom order will probably be twice the price of a candle order. That means both orders might get held off a few months to make sure I have the full funding for it. In the meantime, I’ve bought a few knitting looms at Pat Catan’s to try my hand at making hats. (I blame this all on Luke’s mother, she is so crafty!) I’ve made a few so far, and they turned out OK. I’ve got a baby size that I need to try out on a baby, 2 toddler sizes, which fit the girls’ fine, a large, which fits Luke just fine, and a medium for me. Here are some shots of the necklaces and hats.

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